Moments That Matter

It’s been awhile since I posted something and I’m really sorry for that, I’ve been stressed out lately with life. I don’t know why 2017 started out with massive waves of stress to my face, here’s the part where I sing Fighter by Christina Aguilera.

Yesterday I took my son for his 13 month vaccination and it really made me think how time flies, a year ago this human was so tiny and now he’s fully grown and almost walking. There’re some moments in life that can’t be captured through pictures or videos, you forever remember them in your mind like it happened few hours ago. I think technology took away the ability to enjoy such moments, before we used to keep physical photos in albums and show them to other family members but now we save them in our phones and sometime later they’ll get deleted or the device will get formatted. These moments became so fragile that they can easily get lost if we didn’t find a way to store them somewhere.

One of the moments that I truly cherish is when I first time heard my son say ‘mama‘ I almost got emotional for that because I never thought I would have children and become a mother in the first place. It hit me how naive and shallow I was back then, I sometimes think I found a purpose in life when I became a mother.

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When I talk about how my son finally started crawling, I would laugh my heart out because it happened in such a hilarious moment. My son started moving around by sliding backwards and I really wanted him to start crawling forward, we figured he likes the lights of the keyboard on laptops so we flipped one open in front of him and he instantly started crawling towards it. Now he’s really getting into devices .. like me.

I know this post came out random but I struggle to believe sometimes that he’s grown so fast in the past year and becoming more vocal and social. I guess what I’m really trying to say is always cherish these important moments in life whether you keep them as photos or in your memory because they mark milestones for you and others who are involved in that moment.

Your life wouldn’t be shaped to where you are now without them …

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