MerLady Box – Shiny and New


Are you as enchanted with the empowerment, love, beauty and magic of mermaids as we are? We may not be able to make you grow fins but MerLady Box gets you as close as possible.

Experience the freedom and bliss of a mermaid with Merlady Box – a monthly subscription box full of mermaid themed bath, beauty, lifestyle and fashion items. Treat yourself to the depths of relaxation that you deserve.

In case you didn’t notice, I’m going through a mermaid phase and I’m pretty sure it’s going to take quite awhile to wear off. Last month when I posted a GLOSSYBOX picture on my Instagram, MerLady Box account followed me and I got interested in this subscription box because it’s mermaid themed and sends you bath products. The theme of this month “Shiny and New” and it costs  $28.95 a month.


ArielsApothecary – Mermaid Bath Detoxifying Seaweed Soak ($7.50)

I love seaweed soaks, my skin feels really soft after taking a bath in soaks like these. It smells really nice and it made me relax in the bath tub since I need my much needed mommy-rest.

Geneva Chic, LLC. – Sultry Mermaid Body Butter ($19.95)

I do enjoy body lotions and butters so this was a nice surprise in the box. Smells really nice as well and the skin absorbed it somewhat fast after I applied it.

Leeloo Soap – I’d Rather Be a Mermaid Sugar Cube Body Scrub ($12.00) 

This is definitely my favorite item in the box, I said before that I love scrubs and these sugar cubes are amazing. They smell so good, they left my skin really soft and moisturized because of the coconut oil and Shea butter.


RossMiu – Holographic Mermaid Pouch ($20.00)

This pouch isn’t actually part of the box as you can buy it separately on MerLady shop or RossMiu etsy but it’s actually a premium item that gets sent out if it’s your first box I think, not sure about it. It looks absolutely amazing, I love the detailing on the holographic scales and honestly the picture isn’t doing any justice for how beautiful it actually looks.


Perthro Supplies – Undine Mermaid Magents ($5.32)

These magnets are beautiful, they came in different shapes and colors but they are all in blue shades and they come in a set of 4 pieces. I used them at work to keep some notes in place instead of duct tape.

AirPlantStudio – Colorful Mexican Air Plant with Seashell ($12.00)

I was planning to get an air plant for awhile now since I want to make my office more motivating and having a plant would definitely add more life to it .. literally. I was so glad when I saw this cute plant in the lovely seashell, it also has a magnet which is great because I can keep it up to my view instead of being tiny and buried under my office papers.

Overall, I like the items sent out in this box and I love the whole mermaid concept obviously. I know it’s more pricey than the usual subscription boxes but the items sent out does add up as it’s worth overall $76.77, and the items aren’t exactly sample sized but full size. I think I’ll stick to this subscription box for awhile because I really enjoyed the unboxing experience and of course the products in it.


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