GLOSSYBOX- January 2017


Sorry it took a long time to post this unboxing entry, I was too busy to test out most of the products I got in this box so I gave away few and got their feedback to write in this post. Anyway here’s Glossybox January box products with the theme #GLOSSYGOALS for the new year.


AG Hair Cleansing Cream Foam-Free Hair Wash

The first item is a hair product and it’s apparently foam-free, I honestly never tried one so this was totally new to me. It smells minty and it felt a bit tingly when it was on my scalp and fingers, it works for both a shampoo and conditioner. It made my hair soft and helped to moisturize it as well so it’s great for dry hair.

oOlution Eye Love

My first impression of this was “Oh so this is an eyeshadow primer” I mean it does work that way somehow, it lessens the bags and dark circles and make you look like you actually slept the night. Perfect really for mothers like me who … sleeps .. all night. The cream is light-weighted actually and gets absorbed pretty fast which I do appreciate.


Universal Beauty Cosmetics Secret Flush

I do like those small makeup products that you can keep in your bag and easy to use when I need a little touch up. This is a cream stick blusher and lip stain, it has a beautiful natural pink color with a lovely shimmer. It doesn’t fade fast, I’m content as long as the shimmer stays … Yay highlight on fleek!


 Daily Concepts Exfoliating Body Scrubber

Let me confess something, I love scrub products. This was a nice surprise for me and the best thing about it, it has two sides. The exfoliating side is for the body and the back which was a bit softer, is for the face. It’s a cute size, I like it because it didn’t seem too harsh on my skin and it exfoliate pretty well.

La Theorie des Volcans Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub

Another scrub product yay! So this product works as a scrub and also a mask if you leave it for longer period of time. It’s actually come out as pink when you apply it and it turns to grey, it exfoliates but gently so I would consider it as a cleanser for every other day but not exactly daily.

Overall, lovely box as always. It has some really awesome stuff and I would say all items are my favorite, great way to start the year.


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