My Son’s First Birthday

Yesterday was my son’s first birthday and I’ve been planning for the party for quite sometime now since I’ve been scheduling posts throughout these couple of weeks and it was supposed to be happening on 13th since on his actual birthday date everyone would be having their final exams but last week my great grandmother passed away and so I thought of postponing the party till next month instead because it doesn’t feel right to celebrate during this time.

I planned for a Pusheen themed birthday party because I believe my son is secretly a cat. I bought a Pusheen plushie while I was pregnant as a gift for my baby before he was born, I didn’t know if my child would be a boy or a girl back then so I thought getting the plushie would fit any baby.

For the party supplies, I ordered them from John Lewis.

Paper Plates

Paper Cups


Party Bags


The order was delivered fast actually, I thought it would take time since I ordered it around Christmas. I haven’t had the time to pick it up from the post office yet so I can’t give my honest review, I’ll probably post about it when I finish planning for the party though.

Hope you enjoyed this post, have a great day.

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