Hot Topic Haul

I have an annual ritual that I always spoil myself for my birthday and buy things that makes me happy so I decided to try shopping from Hot Topic, and of course I’ll post about it because I need to justify my shopaholic needs.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Metal Key Chain

Price: $8.90
Honestly I chose this for no reason, it looks cool and I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. The key chain is quite heavy and big for my usual choice of key chains but I love it.

Rate: 5/5





Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Stay Peculiar Girls Peplum Tank Top

Price: $34.90
I guess I’m still hung over the movie that I fell in love with this top. It’s stretchy and I love the detailing in the shoulders, definitely going to be my favorite top after I get bored from the Hakuna Matata shirt I got from LightInTheBox recently.

Rate: 5/5




Pusheen Mint Sushi Snap Flap Wallet

Price: $16.90
I love Pusheen and I love sushi so seeing both of them in this cute wallet made me fangirl for a bit … maybe more. It’s so cute and I’m really obsessed with it.

Rate: 5/5




Harry Potter Golden Snitch Key Chain

Price: $8.5
The moment I saw this, I instantly imagined it on my car keys. It looks so cool and the middle ball is quite heavy and sturdy, the wings are well connected.

Rate: 5/5




Marvel Deadpool Kawaii Girls Sleep Set

Price: $29.90
Deadpool is my favorite character from Marvel, obviously I would be all over these pajamas. It has cute chibi Deadpool, how can I say no to that.

Rate: 5/5



Maybe I went a little overboard with this haul, going over my usual budget but it was my birthday and I wanted to spoil myself because I deserve to be happy.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this haul, have a great day.

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