2 Hours into Layers of Fear


I mentioned before that I wanted to try this game, I’ve been hearing great stuff about it so I dived into it for couple of hours and here’s my first impression of it.

The player takes control of a painter who has returned to his studio. His initial goal is to complete his masterpiece, and the player’s role is to figure out how this task should be accomplished. The challenge comes from puzzles which require the player to search the environment for visual clues. The house appears straightforward at first, but it changes around the player as they explore it in first person. These changes in the environment provide scaffolding for the puzzles and provide unique alternatives to the jump scares common in other games of this genre.

The graphics of this game are gorgeous, reminded me how amazed I was when I played The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. The dimmed atmosphere creates a great environment for a horror game and obviously it contains jump-scares.

Now the story follows a painter mind whom I can assume not in a stable mental state. The gameplay is basically going around a huge mansion completing each chapterย but the route is actually fixed so the player wouldn’t get lost but also gives the player some areas to explore and find additional story items that aren’t required to complete a chapter but gives an overview on the main character personality.

Overall I’m really enjoying this game, I love that as the story progresses in the chapters the painter’s mental state and personality is being slowly revealed to the player. I think it’s what attracted me mostly to this game.


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