Loot Gaming – November 2016


Loot Gaming has slowly been uninteresting to me lately so this box is my last one because I cancelled my subscription to try something different which is the J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

Anyway let’s get into the unboxing …


Dragon Age: Origins Sacred Ashes Morrigan Figure
An exclusive Dragon Age Titan figure of Morrigan in the outfit from Sacred Ashes. I’m not exactly into these type of figures I guess but it looks cool though.


Okamiden Figure
I loved Okami so I was happy seeing this figure. It’s quite heavy and well made.



 Castlevania Letter Opener
The best item of this box is this awesome letter opener, it’s so cool.


Assassin’s Creed Jackdaw Crest Long Sleeve Shirt
Finally the shirt of the month is from my favorite game and it’s long sleeved. I absolutely love it and it fits pretty well since I got it in size L, I like tops to be more roomy and over-sized.

Overall, of course I’m obsessed with the letter opener. I like the items I got in this box and I’m really sad to cancel my subscription but I might reactivate if I got interested in a theme.


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