27 Lessons


Yesterday was my birthday, honestly sometimes I forget how old am I really. Here’s an embarrassing confession, I sometimes use a calculator to remind myself what’s my age that year. So I’m 27, I would say that I feel quite old but I think compared to my glory early 20s I’m definitely much wiser. That’s why I decided to write 27 lessons I learned during my 27 years on this earth.

  1. You bring your own happiness and sadness. It’s something I learned from my husband, your life is shaped by your own choices and will, so if you want to be happy you’ll find a way to happiness even if life hits you sometimes.
  2. Love isn’t the only thing that function a relationship. I feel I was naive before in the past relationships I had, thinking that love is the most important component in a relationship but it’s not, there’s much more than that.
  3. Hypocrites will forever be around you. They are always around, some are even related to you.
  4. Real friends will talk shit about you .. in front of you not behind you.
  5. Sometimes you got to take a leap of faith when you are confused about your life. At some point, you’ll question everything in your life, like you are going through a mid-life crisis. You just need to go with the flow and take a leap of faith.
  6. You are never too old to do something you like. Age doesn’t define how you should live your life.
  7. Me time is a must. Sometimes you just need to stop time and breath, this is why I think me time is important.
  8. Siblings are the best friends you’ll ever have. We fight, we laugh, we cry, siblings will always be your best friend.
  9. Making friendships after school are almost impossible. I don’t know why but for some reason I stopped trying to befriend some people and just keep them as acquaintances.
  10. What you studied in college/university, doesn’t always end up to be your job. I know it’s hard hearing how you wasted 4 years of your life studying a major and then ending up working on something totally unrelated to that but it happens.
  11. Your grades don’t define how successful you are. I really hate when some people go on a rant that they got straight A’s and they deserve better jobs because of that. Life doesn’t care about your grades … just saying.
  12. Being a parent will change your life. I didn’t really notice this but a lot of people I know are telling me that I’ve changed so much since I became a mother.
  13. Spending money at the beginning of the month and then being broke in the last two weeks. Going to a fancy restaurant with fresh salary in your account then noodles two weeks later.
  14. Keep your life away from social media. With everyone wired to the internet, everyone likes to show off what they are wearing, what they are eating, who are they dating, gifts they received, stuff they bought and I honestly don’t like that. I mean your personal life should be private not for any stranger to start observing.
  15. It’s okay to cry every once in a while. Life gets hard sometimes and believe me crying helps.
  16. Cut off negative people from your life. They depress you and ruin your mood so why keep them in your life ?
  17. At some part of your life, you’ll deal with bullies. I feel like bullies are a special chapter in anyone’s life, you can either learn to deal with them or let it affect the rest of your life.
  18. Love yourself before trying to make someone love you. We compare ourselves to others way too much, we need to realize that we are good enough even if we think we are not.
  19. You’ll understand your parents when you are older. I’ve always thought my parents were hard on me at some points of my life and maybe even hated me but as I grew up I understood what they were thinking when they punished me or treated me in a certain way.
  20. Spoil yourself sometimes. I go with the motto “This makes me happy and deserve to be happy therefore I’m going to buy it”
  21. Go out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of your safe zone to try something totally out of character can help you realize new traits you had but never knew before.
  22. People will use you. People are users, it’s a universal fact and you can’t really avoid them because they sometimes take a form of a friend.
  23. Haters will always be below you. As you progress in life, you’ll have few haters but they are always below you and from what I’ve experienced so far, they are always jealous of you even if they don’t admit it.
  24. Weekends pass in a blink of an eye. It’s depressing but … Weekend slow down please ?
  25. Searching viral trends meaning on urban dictionary. I don’t want to say I feel old but sometimes I have to search what certain terms I read online mean.
  26. Forgetting people’s names. I can’t believe I keep forgetting people names whom I knew few years back
  27. Always be thankful. 


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