Loot Gaming – October 2016 Unboxing


I know I’m late in posting this but I’ve been pretty stressed out in scheduling posts till the end of the month since I’m going to UK in the weekend (By the time this gets posted, I’ll be already there). I also wanted to wait for Glossybox to arrive so I can post these two subscription boxes together in the scheduled posts but it’s been stuck at Aramex in USA since 8th of November, I can assume it’s related to the elections protest thingy. Anyway on to the unboxing …

Like the last box, the information game manual came in a huge poster with the theme of the month artwork which was “Rumble”


The theme pin obviously caught my attention first, I’ve been collecting those for quite awhile and I have no idea if I’ll ever put them somewhere.

Legend of Zelda Ganondorf Socks
So let me confess something … I wasn’t into Legend of Zelda games that much, I only played Twilight Princess on Wii and that’s pretty much it so I don’t know who’s this character in the socks but I really love them. I’m into fun socks like these even though I don’t wear them quiet often since it’s not that cold in my country.

Sonic Doctor Eggman Fingerless Gloves
These gloves are … weird. I mean I get it that it sort of fits the theme but why Doctor Eggman, he’s a villain so … They look pretty cool though and I like the material, it’s not cheap looking.


Overwatch Reaper POP
I’m obsessed in collecting Funko POP figures so I was so excited when I saw this.


Mario Magnet
I already stuck this to the fridge I have in my room, looks great honestly.

Pacman Bandages
These are super cute. I love Pacman, I’ve been playing it since ever so this would be one of my favorite items from this box.


Titanfall 2 Shirt
Finally the shirt of the month shows off the newly released game Titanfall 2 and I absolutely love it specially the colors and shading.

Overall, I guess I would say it’s an okay box because I didn’t enjoy it that much. I would say The bandages and shirt are my favorite items of this box though.


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