Parenting Differences


Differences in parenting methods between couples usually starts from the beginning when you two start choosing names for the baby and I remember how much me and my husband argued over the name of our baby. We choose not to know the sex of the baby and keep it as a surprise till I give birth so we chose two names but it took us months to agree on the names. My choice of names were more modern and rare to be an Arab name, I wanted to name my child Miral if I had a daughter but my husband was so against it since it’s not pure Arabic name, it’s more Turkish than Arab actually and it means little princess as well so it was a cute name. After agreeing on two names which were Abdullah if we had a son or Maizoon if we had a daughter, I was secretly hoping I would have a son since Abdullah is a timeless name while Maizoon was really old and I didn’t like it that much, I only agreed because I just wanted to stop arguing about that.

Now after passing that stage, I thought the only parenting differences I’ll face will be with other people like family members who loves to shove advises to my face but it turned out I have different views with my husband as well. I think it stems from how we were raised, his ways of parenting is slightly different than mine and like the name argument, it sparked a new one. As a mother, I feel I have to be the one to set all these parenting rules but it also sound selfish of me to do that since he’s a father as well and of course he wants what’s best for our son.  So I chose to be optimistic and accept my husband’s parenting methods and if I disagree for some reason, we talk about it and try to find a middle ground between us. It’s something I learned from my first year of marriage, we both can argue and have our disagreements but in the end no one is wrong or right we just have different opinions and we like it to voice is out like we are right.


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