Fictional Character Crush: The Spiky Haired Blonde

We all had a crush on a fictional character at some point of our lives, don’t try to deny that. I know I had plenty … ahem still do. So I thought of starting this series after I posted about games I recommend trying for November, of all the character I had a crush on and believe me I had many.

Cloud Strife


Everyone who knew me back in school days, would know how obsessed I was with Cloud. I was married to him in my mind and I had his pictures all over my room, my notebooks and anywhere you can think of. To be honest, I was obsessed with any guy who had a mysterious aura around him, barely talks and gives that sad melancholy look. I would literally be fangirlling all over them.


My obsession with him increased after I watched Advent Children movies and screenshot most of his scenes basically, I don’t know how many times I repeated that movie. I think I’m over this crush but it sort of popped back when I found out about the remake release so I’m all excited again.


I would love to know who’s your fictional character crush, be sure to comment below. Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day.

9 thoughts on “Fictional Character Crush: The Spiky Haired Blonde

  1. ahhh! somebody else! you have no idea how happy I am to see I’m not the only one! I actually recently wrote a blog post about mine (I’m new to blogging so it’s not the best). Mines is on a T.V character. He is perfect in every way possible but knowing he isn’t real is a horrible feeling! I keep hoping that maybe one day I will find someone like him! He is Caleb from Pretty Little Liars! It’s not even just how he looks! It’s EVERYTHING! crushing on a fictional character is the worst! This is a great post and I am so happy to come across this and know I’m definitely not the only one. All my friends called me weird!! xxx

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