The Time I Was Catfished – Dramatic Ending

I totally forgot to post about my catfishing story for awhile as I seem to have milked it for way too many parts.

  1. Introduction
  2. He Had Amnesia for 3 Hours
  3. Survived a Bullet Through The Head
  4. The Ex Showed Up
  5. He Came to See Me

I decided to post how it all ended since I stretched it out for quite some time and trust me the ending is more dramatic than jaws theme music – I have no idea if that theme was actually considered dramatic. Anyway, so by the time this all happened I was already fed up from all the dramatic stories he keeps making up as I posted about them before so I was already considering leaving this insane person and move on with my life. I needed one more last trigger in this so-called relationship to just snap and it happened …

Now I’m already on the verge of blocking this human and it’s been almost a year since we started talking with all this madness fantasy shit he’s doing, a girl messaged me saying I need to talk to you about X guy. Why am I not surprised ? I replied “What now ?” and here’s what she said that made me quit using this app forever because everyone using it have some sort of mental disorder and insane “I’ve been sick with a disease and I might die soon, I cough blood and the doctor said I have only this week¬†to live. I love X guy and I want him to be mine till I die then you can have him and forget about me. He’s been really nice to me saying he’ll be my boyfriend in the past 3 months and I was happy but I needed to tell you this because you deserve to know”



giphy (1).gif

Let me tell you about this dying girl, for about a week prior to all of this, she was updating her status every day counting down the days before she commits suicide, why ? Because all the people in that app need some serious therapy session. And that’s not her first time to do such a stunt that’s why when she told me this whole I’m dying from such illness, I obviously knew she was lying. But hey I needed to add my drama part to this whole game.

Que dramatic music … I sent to him “You’ve cheated on me and I can never forgive you” and other shenanigans I’m too embarrassed to mention here so let’s just skip this part and get to his side. He called .. crying .. Oh god I made a guy cry. I deleted¬†the whole app and moved on with my life but he didn’t and found me on Facebook, so I blocked him from every where he can ever find me and had a two months social media detox therapy.

And that’s how it all ended ..

I hope you enjoyed reading about my catfishing story and maybe got something to learn from all of this insanity. People can create their own persona online and you don’t know the real parts of this person aside from what he/she shows you.

Be safe …


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