The Time We Created an Ouija Board

So I wanted to post this during Halloween season but it totally slipped my mind and now I decided to just throw it out there.

I grew up with my cousin being my bestie ever since we were babies, we used to cry to our parents just so they would take us to meet up.

Planning how to take my doll

We used to have slumber parties every once in awhile in each other’s houses and that time it was in my place. We were four girls by that time, me and my sister, she and her sister and I remember I was 16 or 15. We decided to try something for fun which was an Ouija board because back then everyone was talking about it. Now we didn’t have an actual board, we created one with a piece of paper and a coin. We wrote all that letters and everything else basically, think of it as the arab version of it … clearly cheap one.


One of us kept her index finger lightly on this coin and glide it over the letters of this paper, we took turns in keeping our finger. We can easily fake this but for some reason we were too terrified of this .. game as we called it.

We started talking to a ghost/demon/entity whatever you want to call it and it revealed that his name was Asad (which means Lion in Arabic) and we were asking random questions for fun. Anyway by the end we decided to stop and we were about to close the gate or whatever it’s called, the coin spelled “Kill” and we totally freaked out and left the room with that piece of paper and coin.


Basically we noped the f@#$ out of that room and didn’t enter it till the next day. We decided to burn the paper because we were so convinced that some weird things has started to happen in that room like random knocking on the closet door at night, was because of this paper. Honestly I think we were just scaring ourselves because when you think about something as if it’s the cause of this, you won’t get any other excuse else than that.

The gist of the story, I realized I didn’t have that sensitivity to paranormal activities from this issue because others would be seeing, hearing and feeling things happening around them .. except for me. Ghosts hate me …


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