October Blogging Challenge – Week 4


Day 22. Hairstyle of The Day

My hair is usually on two states, either loose untied or a messy bun. Since I can’t really show my hair, I chose an image that looks almost similar to my current hair color and how I do the messy bun


Day 23. Recent Purchases

Oh boy my favorite topic, I recently ordered online few items from Dresslink which I’m going to include in a haul post some time soon. Also I wanted to try an Android TV Box which I ordered from LightInTheBox.


Will post my review about it once it gets delivered.

Day 24. Favorite Quote

This was stressful to think of because I have so many but after meditating for hours and then getting drunk with Mountain Dew I chose two, one from Bioshock Infinite


and one from Fran Bow


Day 25. Dream Job

I feel like this question was repeated way too many times when we were in school, I honestly still don’t know how to answer it and I’m afraid if I do, it’ll be easier to pass the security questions from my emails.

When I was younger I’ve wanted to be a science teacher because I really loved that subject … back then … when life was easier. Later as the years passed and I’ve come to realize that science isn’t that easy anymore, I wanted to work on computers and be a programmer (which is my job at the moment) but I wouldn’t say it’s my dream job.

If it was possible, I’d say play games for a living or take care of cats.

Day 26. Ways to Win Your Heart


I’m being serious here. I love when people ask me out to hangout and that involves food .. obviously they are paying not me.

Also I would say music, I love sharing playlists with others, it’s easier for me to describe my feelings through music since I’m really bad with words.

Day 27. Bedtime Outfit

Day 28. Manicure of The Day

I’m a mother, it’s impossible to do that at the moment.


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