The Time I Almost Lost My Temper At Work

It’s been awhile since I posted a story from my I-think-not-so-boring-life so I thought of sharing one that happened to me during my first months of my current job. If you read my post about my amazing coworker, you would know that I work in the IT department so we get calls quite frequently from employees basically whining that their PC not working but in the end it turns out they forgot their passwords.

So on this day, I got a call from a manager needing some assistance so instead of working  on his machine remotely I went to his office to see what’s his problem exactly. I thought people would know at least basic English skills and know how to function a PC since it’s 2016 but I was so wrong because ever since I got the job, I found out that hiring idiots is still a thing and let me give you an example, once an employee called me asking how to add an image to a document on MS Word.


I went to his office and he was an elderly man who seriously need to retire and stay home. I sat on his desk as I opened his PC while he was explaining what’s wrong. He was still using Windows XP OS and refuses to change it because … he doesn’t want his work to be transferred to a newer machine, he got two freakin’ machines next to each other and he plugs which one he wants  to work in either Windows 7 or Windows XP. His problem (As he kept repeating even though it’s not exactly a problem) was just installing some software he used in the Windows XP machine to the newer one. Anyway while I’m waiting for this god forsake machine to boot up as I worked on it, he kept demanding things endless and I was trying to calm myself not to rage on him because he’s … old… And I’m trying so hard to respect him.


While he continued demanding like I’m his personal maid or something, he handed me his phone and asked me RUDELY “Install WhatsApp for me” 


I almost lose all my temper and was about to throw the phone to his face and just leave because this was getting ridiculous and I don’t think this was part of my job requirement in any way. I phoned the ladies at the IT department basically saying “Come here before I do something that might get me fired”.

The gist of the story is, I don’t want to deal with these type of bossy people again because I might flip the table on their heads.



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