One Lovely Blog Award


Someone thinks my blog is lovely, I can assume it means I’m lovely as well because I need such an ego boost for my hidden narcissistic tumor. I was nominated by Vahrkalla (Dude, I’m still waiting for the third episode of your Plodcast) for this award which I’m greatly thankful for. I started this blog without any certain topic I have in mind, I wanted to write bits and pieces of myself and share what’s in my mind to whoever cares so I’m really thankful for those who spent their time reading my shenanigans (I love this word, it makes me giggle)


  1. Write an article accepting the award.
  2. Thank the person you nominated you and put a link to their blog.
  3. Tell the reader seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate other blogs for the award.
  5. Let them know that you nominated them.
  6. Post the rules to let your followers know how it works.

Fact 1. I absolutely hate Arabic music

Shocking coming from an Arab person but yeah I seriously hate Arabic music, I can’t stand it actually. The lyrics don’t really move me and the music is just noise in my opinion and trust me I listen to dubstep which some people describe it as ‘Transformers having sex’ but Arabic music is a mess of instruments and I’m not saying ALL of them are because there’re few I would say pleasant to listen to like this one

I don’t mind listening to these type of songs.

Fact 2.  I ignore WhatsApp messages for weeks

I’m honestly a bad friend, I’m that person who replies hours later after receiving a message that everyone hates (This is why no one had a crush on me). I’m dragged into way too many chat groups that spam my phone with over 100+ messages a day and it’s really annoying that I always keep my phone on silent till I found the new mute feature. My sister who’s studying abroad in America curse me every day because she thinks I don’t care about her since I don’t reply to her messages fast enough.

Fact 3.  I chose the name “Rei” from Fatal Frame

We’ve already established that I’m obsessed with Fatal Frame, I don’t know how many times I replayed Fatal Frame 2 just to get all the locked outfits. Having a hard name as Rawya (Pronounced Ra-Wi-Ya) doesn’t make those name butchering situations any less specially to non-arabs because my name is weird to them. I started playing Fatal Frame 3 and I instantly fell in love with the name Rei and I honestly liked her character and style so I started using it on Facebook (When it was a thing) so friends started calling me that since it’s easier for them to pronounce. By time they totally forgot my real name and continued with Rei till now.

Fact 4. I am a certified money waster

I don’t know why but the moment I get my salary I instantly go on a shopping spree sometimes online and I don’t really get things I actually need, I buy on an impulse reaction. I defend myself by saying “This makes me happy and I deserve to be happy therefore I need it”

Fact 5. I can’t form a full sentence in Arabic

It’s really hard for me to say a full sentence without involving at least one English word, I even sometimes turn to my friend or sister and say “what is ‘this word’ in Arabic ?”. People think I’m being a snob that I can’t talk Arabic well but it’s really hard for me to do something I’m not used to, I even spend a long time typing a message in Arabic because I need to read it to myself multiple times and check the spelling. My mother has been talking to me in English ever since I was a baby, we moved to Jordan when I started school and I was registered to an American school so I wasn’t influenced by Arabic that much maybe with just family members.

Fact 6. I get so immersed in a game to the point where I’m emotionally attached

When I start playing a game, I get so into it that I form a connection with the characters and it gets emotional. I don’t know how many times I cried while playing a game, normally I don’t get effected in movies but in gaming it’s a different story.

Fact 7. I’m socially awkward, I can’t talk to people face to face properly

It’s easier for me to communicate with someone behind screens than face to face which contradicts with my second fact but I honestly can’t function like a normal person if I’m talking face to face with anyone, I forget to turn on my mouth filter and unleash my weird side. Not everyone appreciate that so I avoid human interactions sometimes.



14 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Expect a Plocast soon lol

    Interesting post, didn’t know you were registered to an American school!

    Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenanigans Shenani

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    • My mother actually studied in a boarding school in UK so her accent is British but since I entered an American school my accent is different from her so we get into these silly arguments about it where she says “Stop talking like a yank, they eat half of the words” and I’ll reply with “At least I say the R in water”

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      • Haha, my mum is from New Jersey, and my dad is from Manchester so me and my brother are the only ones in the house who say ‘graahs’ or ‘caahstle’ instead of grass or castle etc :p

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  2. Honestly same with the Arabic thing, my first language was English and then Arabic. Even though you can clearly tell I’m an arab, people still expect mean to know every single arabic word. They all get shocked when they see I take AFL (Arabic Foreign Language) in school and I’m like, sorry? But lovely post! xx

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