Loot Gaming – September 2016 Unboxing


Loot Gaming is here again and I’m so excited to check out what they sent this month, it arrived later that usual so I’m sorry for posting this late. The theme of the month was Battleground and it’s partially related to the release of Battlefield 1.

This month information game manual came as a HUGE poster and I’m sorry I couldn’t take a picture of it but you can check it out here


As usual they include a pin of the theme of the month which looks pretty cool.

Dead Rising 4 Multitool
This multitool is amazing and quite sturdy. Frank West is etched on it and also has a tiny LED flashlight. My brother begged me for it and I had to give him.

Gears of War 4 Classic Lancer Replica
I would like to take a moment to appreciate every detail in this weapon, it looks really awesome and I love the blood splatter on the saw part.


Battlezone Shot Glasses
These shot glasses are tiny and has the design of the classical game back in atari days which is a great throw back for arcade days. I don’t drink obviously so I was planning to use these glasses as small cute planters for my office or maybe at home, I think they would look nice with small cactus plants.

Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame #1 Comic
Have I mentioned how I get triggered by anything related to Dark Souls. If you are a fan of Dark Souls, this is the perfect comic for you but to me .. nope nope nope.


Fallout Vault Boy Shirt
So shirt of the month is Fallout Vault Boy design and I love it because it looks crowded with the design but also simple and casual to wear. I normally would wear these at night because they are so comfy to sleep with to be honest.

Overall, I love every item in this box even the Dark Souls comic despite my forever raging hate to that game.

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