Lush Haul


Dear Lush in Oman, ever thought of bringing Halloween collection before posting this on Instagram ?

So I went thinking, hey maybe they brought the new collection as Lush in UAE posted on Snapchat but nope they didn’t, the lady working there told me they’ll bring the shipment by next week so I’ll probably cave in and do another haul anyway. So moving on to what I got to satisfy my money wasting needs:

Lava Lamp bath bomb
I never really tried this bath bomb before so I had to go for it , it smelled nice. I tried it in the weekend and it fizzes up pretty nicely and I liked that the colors mimic a lava lamp. It’s definitely rich in oils as it left my skin quite soft but it stains the bathtub with purple all over.

Big Blue bath bomb
Now I’ve mentioned this bath bomb before in older posts but this bath bomb is one of my favorite bath bombs from Lush. I love the smell of it and it makes my skin super soft because of the seaweed and salts, it’s quite calming as well. It also leaves a mess in the bathtub as the seaweed would remain after the water is drained.

Blackberry Bath Bomb
Also one of my favorite bath bombs, it smells absolutely amazing. Like it’s title, it’s gives a cheerful feeling when you smell the berry scent after it fizzes in the water so I would definitely say it brightens up your mood.

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar
I honestly never tried bubble bars before and I’m too excited to try this out. I’ve read quite a positive feedback for it while some would consider it having more of a manly smell, I can’t say for sure until I try it out myself.

I hope you enjoyed this Lush haul, I will try doing a Halloween haul hopefully when they bring those cute spooky goodness to their store. Did you finish your Lush Halloween haul ? If so, please comment below with the link of your blog post I would love to check it out.


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