The Time I Got Catfished – He Came to See Me

In the midst of this person insanity, he actually came to see me .. or so he pretend to be and here’s how it happened. If you need a little of a backstory of my catfishing story, be sure to check out first, second, third and fourth part.

It was the weekend morning and I was checking my phone for new messages from this totally sane person. He started off with quite a cheerful mood in his messages which was weird to be honest and all the sudden he sends “Guess where I am ?” I was confused because it came out of the blue so I answered “Where ?” He said “Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque” (In case you didn’t know, it’s the main mosque in my country. Quite known and also a tourist attraction)  So obviously I freaked out saying OMG HE’S HERE!!


I should’ve really question that part because Grand Mosque is like a main tourist attraction so he could’ve googled it easily but alas younger me didn’t get slapped enough by friends – what friends ? Anyway I was trying to calm myself because I got excited and he told me last night after I slept, he took a plane from UK to Oman – how sweet .. ‘A’ class boyfriend. He asked me to suggest a decent hotel for him to stay in and I thought of a 5 star hotel since he’s clearly royal and all so I said Holiday Inn or Intercontinental Hotel, can you guess what he replied ? “Oh they seem expensive” No joke your royal highness.


Anyway he said he’ll settle in Holiday Inn hotel and asked me if I knew a car renting place because he wants to drive around in Oman .. with me. I gave him the number of a place nearby my house that I knew and he said he chose a Mercedes, I mean of course it’s practically a Ferrari or a Bugatti for him but being in a five star hotel is too expensive for him. We decided to meet in the afternoon and he wants to drive me around, we’ll finally go on a first ever date and I’ll finally see this dude face to face … I was wrong obviously.

By noon he sent to me “My father found out I left my apartment in UK and came to Oman, he got furious” I knew it “He sent men from the embassy to pick me up from the hotel and they literally held me like a criminal in cuffs” Oh the drama, the scandal “I’m right now in the embassy and I’ll be sent back to UK in an hour .. I was looking forward in meeting you, I even told the guy working in the hotel to clean the Mercedes so we can properly go on a date”


Of course he’ll do this whole lie, what was I expecting ? I don’t even think he was in Oman in the first place, these places can be easily searched online but wow how I did get my hopes so high that it hurt so bad like I’ve fallen face first from that height.


9 thoughts on “The Time I Got Catfished – He Came to See Me

  1. I read your story since you begin but did not comment till now .
    I was one of that generation that was fascinated about mig33 .
    I remember going into rooms just to read others’ conversations without interacting with them as I did have college friends and was having group with them only when I think of chatting so I did not get any special stories from back then , not like yours anyway .
    This guy is typical to the Arab mentality when it comes to faking love .
    Really very typical . He also was thinking that he could “play you” all he wants for you showed a naive nature to him (pardon me o n that however we all were naive once or two) .
    I am enjoying your blog in total .
    Please keep it up 💜 ~

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  2. Wow, I went through all your catfish stories and I got to say this is crazy, and so much fun to read. How people can come up with such lies and believe they seems real ahahah. Thanks for sharing :3

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