October Blogging Challenge – Week 1


I got inspired (totally ripped off Lise’s blog post) to do the October blogging challenge because I’m really such an original blogger. Apart from the pun, it seemed like an interesting challenge to do. I’ll post week by week though instead of everyday since I like posting other content and I don’t want to bore you my lovely readers.


Day 1. October Goals

Ever since I became a mother, it’s hard focusing on a goal I want to achieve in a month. If I had to put a goal for it, I want this month to be drama free because I’m sick of my coworker being a bitch to me for no logical reason. I want to be more positive and avoid my constant negative thinking, even though there’s this massive hate aura coming this person. I love being hated like this … honestly.

Day 2. OOTD


It’s not an outfit of the day, it’s more of “I’m too lazy to wear something decent”
I love this over-sized pusheen top and Assassin’s Creed lounge pants.

Day 3. The Story Behind The Blog Name

I’m going to confess something, I talk to myself quite a lot and I’ve been caught doing that by several people then I’ll have to convince them somehow that I’m not insane. I began writing on this blog for that reason, I want to vent out my thoughts to anyone who cares and interested in what I want to say. Sometimes being married and a mother gives an isolated feeling and I miss talking to people so I write everything here whether it’s an unpopular opinion or not.

Day 4. Who Inspires You

To write ? In my case it’s not who but what, what inspires me to write on this blog is mostly my thoughts and emotions.

Day 5. 5 Things About You

  1. I buy things online and never really use them, the main reason I’ve been called a certified money waster.
  2. I hated makeup because I considered it to be rocket science before. My sister kept teaching me for years and I kept ignoring her, are you proud of me now sis ?
  3. Last year I dyed my hair green & blue, orange & pink, purple ombre with a brown hair and completely blonde. That’s why my hair was damaged and I’m pretty sure someday it’ll grow hands and slap me, I fixed it though with Brazilian Blowout so .. we cool.
  4. I wrote fanfictions …. Ages ago I swear.
  5. I still sleep with a plushy animal in my arms.

Day 6. Thankful Thursday


Day 7. A Day In The Life

It’s Friday and it’s the weekend with us, in case you didn’t know our weekend is on Friday and Saturday. I didn’t really sleep well so I was already looking like a zombie and I wasn’t really planning to change that image, zombified mother mode activated.

By 11:00 in the morning I decided to go to Lush and check if they got the new Halloween products because I was really looking forward to it. The moment I reached there, the only new thing I saw was the Lava Lamp bath bomb and nothing halloween-ish was there which was quite disappointing but I bought few bath bombs and a bubble bar and I’ll post a proper haul entry in the upcoming days. I also decided to check Bath & Body Works, at least they had few cute halloween items in the store. I bought few candles and a shower gel which I’ll post about tomorrow hopefully.

Few days ago I bought a Furby for my son but honestly I’m the only one who keeps playing with it. It’s just too cute.


By afternoon, my son was having a nap and I decided to FINALLY register on Netflix. I know I’m too late on this bandwagon, I had alternatives to be honest but I recently decided to use a device my husband bought last year and I haven’t really used it that much. It’s the WD TV Live device which can play media from a usb storage and it also has few online features such as YouTube, Spotify and of course Netflix.


I watched Coraline, I love this movie too much.

By evening, the time passed by fast. I decided to try out the bath bomb Lava Lamp since I’ve never tried it before.


And that’s pretty much it, I used to go out more often in the weekend but that all change when I became a mother. Also my husband is travelling so I feel guilty leaving my son alone with his grandmother or sisters in law.


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