The Time I Got Catfished – The Ex Showed Up

You thought my catfishing story was done ? Nope there are more stories I want to tell. If you never came across my catfishing story be sure to check out the first, second and third part to have a little of a backstory of how insane this person really is. The stories doesn’t have an order, I write them as I remember.

So it was a normal day as I’m wasting my time with this person who constantly want to talk to me and doesn’t want me go for some reason. This guy showed me that he can create random user names and start talking to me easily, he called it hacking but I honestly think it was a mod in the app since it was popular back then. One day I got a message from a person not in my friends list and it was a girl name, then things started getting weird.


So this new person was being all friendly, trying to get to know me and all. Then all the sudden this person revealed to be X Guy ex girlfriend whom he told me before he was so in love with her but she was forced to get married and leave him for family differences – I should’ve expected a Romeo and Juliet story from his side.


Now get ready to hear her side of the story – ahem – “I was so in love with X and we were building big dreams to live together and get married, escape from tradition chains and be ourselves in a world that doesn’t want us to be together” Sure why not, I mean he’s from a royal family, am I right ? then she continued “I cried so much when I was forced to get married and my tears were too much that I suffered from dehydration”


That’s when I died laughing because I’m pretty sure crying doesn’t cause dehydration, I mean it can give you a headache but dehydration ? Seriously ? I think he forgot to google this before typing. Anyway I continued reading this poor girl story “I was admitted to the hospital so many times because of dehydration, always hooked on IV fluids. I turned pale and skinny because I stopped eating, my husband treats me badly and I’ve been miserable ever since” And of course me being such a cold heartless bitch was like “And what do you want from me ?” She said “I want him back, I miss him”

Of course I knew this was one of his tricks as he’s using his ‘hack’ of generating random usernames to talk to me and try to make me jealous, I had to play along because this was getting epic to be honest. I made myself like I’m upset that she contacted me and blocked her like I’m a good girlfriend. Ironically he somehow seemed more relaxed like he knew about this encounter, it became too obvious that he was doing all these dramatic stories day by day.


I enjoyed it because it would be easier to expose him later when things start clashing. Hope you enjoyed this part of my crazy catfishing story, I’ll post more in the upcoming days.


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