My Daily Makeup Routine (Sort of)

I wanted to post more of makeup related entries and I keep forgetting about it so I decided to post my usual makeup routine which I normally do whenever I go out hence the ‘sort of’ in the title because I don’t do that much makeup everyday when I’m just chilling at home. I’m not exactly a makeup professional artist, I just do it my way.

So I start of with contact lenses, I wear them sometimes not always.


These are my current favorite lenses, Desio the two shades of grey in Darker. They are quite comfortable and I love the color, I mostly go for grey.


Next I use the primer, here I’m using the NYX photo-loving primer. Then apply the foundation and use a sponge blender to spread it on my face and then use a brush to apply the concealer and then pat on it with a sponge as well.


After that I use the eyeliner on my upper lid and a bit till the half of my lower lid, I usually fill out the area at the end of my eye to make it seem larger. I later use a brow pen and brush, I decided to use the one I received from Glossybox.


Now for my upper lashes, I use the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara because it makes them look more fuller and bold and for my lower lashes I use Yves Saint Laurent Shocking mascara because it gives a more natural look and I don’t want to look like a creepy doll with massive lashes.


For contouring I use the Kat Von D Shade + Light palette in sombre because I have a defined face so I don’t heavily contour. As for highlighting, I always go for the Balm Mary-lou manizer, I absolutely love it.


For my lips, I tried the lipstick I also got from Glossybox which is Korres Twist Lipstick in Allure. It’s too red for me to be honest so I even it out with a tissue and then applied a Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupte in 20 Nude Carat.


img_4639_fotorFinally I use a makeup setting spray and that’s pretty much it. these are the products I used yesterday when I went out and I wanted to test out the products I got from Glossybox.

This might be the first and probably last time I’ll post a selfie unless I feel confident enough to do more of these.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading.


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