The Time My Coworker Stopped Talking To Me


If you are following me on social media, you would know I’ve been going through a little bit of drama at work. Here’s a little of a back story of what’s been going on, I work in an authority that basically broadcasts the official TV channels and radio channels of my country, we have a small office within the authority with 4 ladies in the room and we are IT technicians and also considered a help desk so we get calls from employees from time to time.

About four weeks ago, one of these ladies all the sudden stopped talking to me for no apparent reason and not even replying to me when I say good morning or hi. That’s just plain rude because she not only completely ignored my existence, she just won’t even confront me of what I did wrong to make her hate me that much.

These four weeks passed as she kept ignoring me and I was tempted to throw the staplers to her face just so I give her a legit reason to hate me because at that point I was getting agitated from her behavior. I later found out that she’s been telling the manager things which I can assume complains about us ladies in the same office and of course the person she hates the most .. me.


I knew she was up to something and I felt she’ll somehow drag me to some trouble, she’s already known that she has a bitchy behavior to other ladies in the IT department. She shown that she’s jealous, I have no idea for what and why.  We don’t really treat her badly or anything, she just that type of person who feels she’s on top and likes the attention I guess. Before deciding to ignore me, she already done this to the other ladies in our office so we knew her attitude and didn’t really mind it. I was fine with her ignoring me but also it made me angry, wouldn’t you be if you were in my place ?

So there was a meeting that happened recently and she just straight up said that we (the other 3 ladies) don’t do anything and she does all the work as she’s being praised by the employees how hard working she is. We got furious from her blatant lies because non of the things she said really happens and she’s just being a bitch. So I held back and said I’ll talk to the manager alone and say our side of the story because if I interrupted her now she’ll say anything to defend herself but one of my coworkers couldn’t and she lashed out on her.

After calming the whole situation, I went to the manager and said what really happened and he actually knew she was lying. He also told me the reason why she stopped talking to me because apparently she complained about me to him, can you guess why she did that ?

I joke too much

Well if I had just thrown the stapler, it would be a solid reason.

The gist of the story is, I talk more sarcastically and joke a lot more around her on purpose because my sense of humor is just off the chart to be upset from, bitch.



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