Favorite Makeup Products

I’ve been inspired by a blog post by The Chic Community of makeup must haves, and I decided to list out makeup products that I can’t live without. Think of it as my ultimate favorites until something wows me as these did.

To start out, here my favorite foundation and primer.


Bourjois – Air Mat (05 Golden Beige)
This is my new favorite foundation, I love how it leaves my face totally flawless with an airbrush effect. I wish the tube was a bit larger but either way it was worth it.

Maybelline – Fit (130 Buff Beige)
This foundation has been forever with me, I’ve been using is ever since I started wearing makeup and I used to hate makeup because it was like rocket science to me back then.

NYX – Photo-Loving Primer (Clear)
I was reluctant between this one and Smashbox primer, I like both honestly.

Next, my favorite mascaras


Maybelline – The Colossal Go Extreme
Between all Maybelline mascaras this one is definitely my favorite, it makes my lashes appear fuller and has more volume.

Yves Saint Laurent – Shocking
This mascara was a gift from my husband before we got married and I’ve been using it when I go to work. It gives my lashes a natural look but also bold.

Too Faced – Better Than Sex
I know this mascara is considered overrated but I honestly love it the most from all of my mascaras. It makes my lashes appear long and voluminous like a false lash effect.

Moving on to my favorite eyeliners


the Balm – Shwing
This eyeliner was my favorite for quite sometime till it got the second place after Kat Von D tattoo liner. I love the precision of it even with my shaky hands, might take a while to dry though.

Kat Von D – Tattoo Liner
I can’t live without this eyeliner, I absolutely love it. It made my life so much easier and because of it I finally mastered the winged liner. It dries super fast so I always use it if I’m in a hurry.


And finally my favorite lipsticks


Maybelline – Vivd Matte Liquid (Nude Thrill)
I posted about this lipstick in a haul before and I’ve been loving it ever since. I love the color because I usually wear a similar shade for my everyday look, the only downside of it is that it takes a while to dry to get the matte effect.

Inglot – 125
I bought this when I was in Malaysia because I normally don’t go for such bold shades since it seemed like it’s too flashy right in your face type of color but it fitted me pretty well and I’ve been using it for special occasions from time to time.

Anastasia – Liquid Lipstick (Kathryn)
My cousin challenged me to get this shade because like I said before I’m too shy to try bold colors. I was too shy to go out with it at first but it got easier later as I’ve built my confidence to go out with it, love the matte effect obviously and this is definitely my favorite shade.


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