Games I Cheated In

Again, not one of my best confessions but yes I did cheat in few games. Back in PS1 glory days, there were special cheating disks such as GameShark and Action Replay, I could lie and say I tried them for the sake of testing how they work but I did use them to progress in few games. Here’s my shameful list of games I cheated in:


Radiata Stories

This game is one of my favorite JRPGs I played on PS2, I cheated in this game after I finished it. The game has two sides of the story, so choosing the game path would take you to a different route than the other one. After finishing the game, I wanted to replay it and try the different path of the game so I used cheat codes just to progress faster and understand the whole storyline.


Clock Tower 3

Can I just say this game is weird and I mean in a whole new levels of weird. I honestly was so into this game then it turned silly all the sudden with over-exaggerated expressions and awkward voice acting. All the sudden boss battles seemed like an anime scene, I just had to add super kawaii music in the background as I fought these bosses. I cheated in this game because I wanted to see where this weird story would end and how will it end. Definitely not my favorite so-called horror game.


Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

Rune Factory is basically Harvest Moon but RPG and let me just confess something, I’m quite impatient in these type of games. I cheated to progress the game by making Aden stats up to infinite 99999 hp basically and defeated bosses easily. I know it’s wrong but I was getting impatient with the slow paced storyline but I honestly loved the game.

ffx-2_boxFinal Fantasy X-2

This is painful to confess because I’m a fan of Final Fantasy series. Like Radiata Stories I didn’t cheat during the gameplay, I cheated after I was done with the game. I wanted to see the secret ending *spoiler* when Yuna finally finds Tidus because those two were like my favorite couple.

I’m pretty sure there’re few more games I cheated in but my brain refuses to admit it but these I can currently think of. Did you cheat in any game ?

10 thoughts on “Games I Cheated In

  1. I don’t know… the Final Fantasy X-2 I would have cheated in. The series has come a long way and become difficult over time. LOL. But at least you kept it honest.

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  2. I would’ve cheated on X-2 as well. Game couldn’t hold my attention. For some reason though, Rune Factory (Frontier and Tides) did! I love those and I keep wanting to return to Tides so I can finally tie the knot. I would count giving a girl an orange every day for a year until they want to marry you “cheating”.

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