Glossybox – September 2016 Unboxing


It’s finally that time of the month, my Glossybox is here and I’m just in awe. First of all, can we all take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the box is.


The box was designed by Antonio Soares, since September is mostly known for the month of fashion. It’s absolutely beautiful and it fits the theme of the month which is Secret Garden.

Sally Hershberger 24K Supreme Stylist Dry Shampoo: Honestly I’m not a fan of dry shampoos, they don’t benefit me in any way. I tried them before but I didn’t like them that much. I tried to use this dry shampoo anyway, it does give a slight volume to my hair. It also has a UV protection shield which is a good thing whoever uses them, it’s just not for me.


Sensyses Cleanser: This cleanser removes makeup without irritating the skin. I didn’t try it yet but I will tonight hopefully and update this section once I do.

C-VIT Moisturizing Serum: I’m so happy I got this serum, the one I use and posted about in my night-time skincare routine has finished recently so I needed a new vitamin C serum. I wish it was full, it’s almost half full actually. Loving it and I’m sad it’s going to finish too fast.


Modellauncher Brow Duo Pencil: I don’t really use brow pencils because my eyebrows are always shaped since I thread them every 2-3 weeks but I decided to try it out anyway. It fills the gaps really well and I love the brush end, it smoothed out my brow pretty well. I’ll probably continue using it, it’s amazing.

Korres Modern Greek Apothecary Twist Lipstick: First thought I got when I opened this lipstick was ‘oh that’s too red for me‘ but I tried it on me and it turned out a pretty shade of red and it’s called Allure. I wouldn’t say it’s for everyday look in my opinion but I’d use it if I’m out with friends and just having fun.


It’s still a pretty shade, I would say it’s more of a fall season color.


Vince Camuto Capri Eau De Parfum: This perfume smells more floral but really light and has a fainty scent. So here’s the thing, we Arabs normally choose stronger scent perfumes so I can’t say I like it but I would keep it in my bag since it’s tiny and use it from time to time whenever I needed it.

Overall, the box is too beautiful for me to say any disadvantages. I loved the lipstick and serum mostly from this box, and probably the perfume was my least favorite. If you want to subscribe to this box you can check it out here.

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