The Time I Got Catfished – He Had Amnesia for 3 Hours

So I posted a couple of days ago about how I got catfished and I’ve been getting requests to post more about this. So here’s one the stories he made up after I decided to stop talking to him that day.

I remember it was during first days of Ramadhan and some issue happened and it escalated to the point when he said he would swallow rat poison or drink bleach and of course I thought he was joking about this. Hours passed by and he didn’t really reply and I was genuinely concerned about this person, you don’t threat to kill yourself as a joke it’s not funny at all. I honestly started crying, what if this person actually killed himself. I have a habit in blaming myself for everything happens a lot, I know I shouldn’t but I always do that. So I was beating myself about this and crying till I got a message from this person and apparently it wasn’t him messaging me, it was his uncle. At that point I would believe anything from him since I was oh-so in love with this guy.

So the message says he was found in his apartment unconscious because the idiot swallowed rat poison. This uncle wasn’t the only person who messages me EXCLUSIVELY to tell me that, there was a girl I knew from the app who said that he drank bleach so I don’t know. I was hysterical by that time, I was thanking god this person was okay – ah I need to slap myself more often. Anyway later this uncle took X guy to the hospital and because it’s completely normal to give a person who almost killed himself the phone to message me – totally normal. He started messaging me in a sense that he totally forgot who I am and he had amnesia (wow Rei you actually continued believing this person ? Ummm … yes…) He was typing differently to show that he had amnesia and still continued messaging me like it’s his first time talking to me.

And it gets better, so this uncle casually left this person who has amnesia in the apartment alone – that was pretty much a warning sign that this person was lying and wow I was still believing this whole lie. I actually continued talking to my online boyfriend who had amnesia for 3 hours as he’s trying to remember anything from his life till he all the sudden remembered everything and then everything was okay.


So here’re some signs younger me should’ve seen but god bless that naive mind of mine.

  • The supposedly uncle messages me of all people to tell me this
  • The uncle giving the phone to a person who almost killed himself
  • The uncle leaving this suicidal person alone in the apartment he tried killing himself in
  • Cured from amnesia all the sudden after 3 hours from talking to a person he never met in real life .. like ever

Again, this is one of the many stories that he made up throughout the whole time me and him were having this online relationship.

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