Games I Never Finished

I’ve been putting off this post for awhile because it makes me feel like a failure in gaming. I’ve played a lot of games and I could say over 200 so far on various platforms so I wouldn’t consider myself just a pc or console gamer, I’m everything gamer. So here’s a list of games I never finished and I’ll defend myself why I didn’t.

250px-clocktowerghostheadasi7ll1Clock Tower 2

This game was one the first horror games I tried on PS1 and it honestly gave me heart-attacks from the jumpscares in this game. I’m not exactly a fan of point and click type of games so it didn’t appeal to me as much as it should, the controls were a bit frustrating to me in order for the story to progress. Great game, bad controls


250px-hauntingground_na_ps2coverHaunting Ground

I have mixed feelings about this game, I like it but I hate it and here’s why. Fiona the protagonist is the type of girl you would keep praying that she dies first in a horror movie, I didn’t really like her character. I also hated the panic system in this game, it made me rage quit so many times. Fiona and Jennifer from Rule of Rose are in the same hate category I’ve created in my head. Great game, weak protagonist




the3rdbirthdaycoverThe 3rd Birthday

I’m a fan of Parasite Eve, I loved the story and gameplay. I enjoyed the second part more even though some people would disagree but the third one not so much. The 3rd Birthday is fun and I enjoyed the gameplay more than the first two games but the missions to progress the story seemed too tedious for my liking. Also why the whole Aya stripping slowly feature as she receive damage? Great Game, not-so-great story



dark_souls_cover_artDark Souls (ALL OF THEM)

Recently The Well-Red Mage blog posted a review about Dark Souls: Prepare to Die and it made me remember that I never really finished any of Dark Souls games. The screen “You Died” triggers me – as much as I hate using that word, this game brought the worst side of me and I’ve rage quit so many times. I never learn really, I can’t control my anger whenever I play this game and still I buy the sequels. Great Game, raging player (It’s not my fault it’s the game)



personaqboxartPersona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Persona series is one of my favorite RPGs so seeing the characters in chibi form would obviously entice me to check this game and also there was a new character named Rei who likes food and that’s just totally me. My problem with this game was … It just seemed silly in story-wise because it focuses more on the new characters and the pacing of that is really slow so it didn’t appeal to me that much. Great game, slow paced

These are the games I can currently think of but I’m pretty sure there are few more that I didn’t finish as well, will probably write a second part to this post once I remember.

Which games you never managed to finish ?

4 thoughts on “Games I Never Finished

  1. I like Parasite Eve too. I played Third Birthday but was not a fan. The music is good though. I also played Haunting Ground. Again, the music is good that’s why I like it.

    Ah, Dark Souls games require patience. But I can understand why people get upset.

    Here are my list:

    MASS EFFECT (all three)

    Those are the games that I can think of as of now. Why I never finish them? I just don’t have time. I am one of those completionist….it bothers me very much if I don’t get everything.

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