The Time I Spaced Out And Dragged a Stranger Around

I daydream every once in a while and I’m pretty sure most people do so that’s completely normal but back in school days I used to space out completely that I’m not even aware of my surroundings being in my own daydream.

I was in the 8th grade by that time and in the morning, usually schools in my country do an assembly which looks like this :

This is an all-boys school example

So by the first bell we hear in the morning, we all go down to the school court and stand in lines for this assembly. I was walking next to a friend of mine from class to the stairs and that’s when I started spacing out and imagine things. I have absolutely no idea how I managed to walk down the stairs because I clearly remember I didn’t see anything the time I spaced out but I remember I heard voices of the students around. While I wasn’t aware of my surroundings at all, the moment I reached the end of the stairs – I assume. I bumped into someone and I was still not seeing anything around me, my mind assumed it was the friend I was walking with when I was leaving class. I grabbed this person’s arm and just dragged them around to the other side, that’s when I started to see well and surprise it wasn’t my friend.


So this girl just giving me the WTF look because I was dragging her around and she has no idea who am I. I let go of her arm and she just walked without bothering to ask anything, probably cursing me. That friend I was with came next to me and asked: “So you know that girl ?”


I was still shocked of the whole issue because I had no idea I was spacing out to the level where I wasn’t aware of anything around me that I dragged this girl around like that. I acted cool and I said: “Yes, we do this all the time” but I was dying inside from embarrassment.

The gist of the story is, daydreaming is fun when you are alone only.

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