1 Hour into Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom


Let me confess something before beginning this post, I’ve never watched Attack on Titan not a single episode at all so when I started this game I was absolutely clueless of everything related to the anime universe. Now you can imagine my face when facing a titan for first time and basically having that confused face of “Why the F there’re a huge naked weird looking humanoids, seemingly completely high devouring people ?” Now we got that part out of the way, let me say what I think of Attack on Titan the game.

The game is adapted directly from the anime so the story scenes were all taken from the anime and modeled in 3D and even the voices are the original Japanese voice-over with English subs which I would say more preferred choice for me.


What attracted me to the game mostly is the gameplay itself, the swinging using the omni-directional gear is so much fun. The only down side of it is when you get stuck between two buildings on the ground, so it ruins the camera directions and it takes quite an effort to be attached onto one the buildings and swing to be above the buildings level.

Moving on to the battle system, the controls aren’t that complicated and it’s quite easy to kill titans but obviously like the anime, there’re multiple characters to play as and to each has their own stats regarding battle skills.


Honestly I’m really enjoying this game, I’m quite interested in the anime now and I have so many questions regarding titans, those weapons used and of course .. WHY GAS ? 

If you want to read a review I wrote for Creators.co website, you can check it here. I tend to go stay biased in such reviews but I write my own opinion in this blog since it’s my personal space. Do you watch the anime ? If yes how would you rate this game ?

7 thoughts on “1 Hour into Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

  1. If someone made a videogame about me, I would want it to be subtitled Wings Of Freedom, and if someone were to write a post about said game, I think “Why the F there’re a huge naked weird looking humanoids, seemingly completely high devouring people ?” would be a sentence I would want in that post.

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