Gamer Girl Monthly – August 2016 Unboxing


I’ve subscribed for Gamer Girl Monthly and tried the 3 month plan and this box is the last one, I’ll probably resubscribe later but for now I need to control my subscription boxes addiction. This month theme was Explore and obviously they used No Man’s Sky logo.


The pin of this month is No Man’s Sky logo to fit the Explore theme


Fable Guild Seal Earrings
I’ve never really tried any game from Fable but these earrings are so pretty.

Animal Crossing Ring
This ring is so gorgeous, I love the gems on one side of the leaf and the coloring of the Animal Crossing Logo.


Mario Sunglasses
I laughed when I saw these sunglasses, they look fun to be honest. My younger sister has been fighting me over this and I’ll probably just give her.

Xbox Controller Necklace
This necklace if definitely my favorite item from this box, I’ve been wearing it ever since I got it.

Overall, Gamer Girl Monthly is a great subscription box for ladies who love collecting game related accessories and they send items with great quality actually not cheap looking ones.

Past boxes:

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