Tales of Symphonia – Game vs Anime


I’ve been a fan of the Tales Of series since I played Tales of Destiny 18 years ago (wow I’m so old) One of my favorite games of this series is Tales of Symphonia which I played on my laptop using an emulator for the GameCube version of it. I loved the story and all the characters, it was a beautiful sad story to be honest and I don’t think any Tales Of has done something like this.

Recently I discovered there’s an anime for the game and I decided to watch it since I love this game and here’s my honest opinion about it. The anime is almost like the intro video of the game since Tales of series always use an anime intro or sometimes cutscenes.

Here’s my problem with the anime, I only watched the first episode and I honestly didn’t like it because I didn’t feel the connection with the characters as I did with the game. Their personality isn’t like the game, maybe that’s just me but it felt that way when I compare. I’ll watch the rest of the episodes to judge this fairly, I’m interested to see how they’ll portray the story from the game to anime because I really love it.

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