Loot Gaming – August 2016 Unboxing


Loot Gaming is one of my favorite subscription box along with OwlCrate obviously, they send pretty awesome gaming gear which is valued above the price you pay for it which is $24.95 (plus $5 shipping) per month. This month theme was Mecha so the items were more machine meets man related.

Deus Ex Adam Jenson Figure
I’ve been playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided lately and I posted about it couple of days ago, the figure looks really cute.

Bioshock Big Daddy Patch
I absolutely love Bioshock, it’s one of my favorite games so I got excited when I saw this patch. It’s quite large, I wasn’t expecting that.

Borderlands Claptrap Bottle Opener
From the looks of it, it would look more plastic but it’s actually chrome silver and it’s quite heavy. It has magnets from the back so you can attach it on the fridge door.


Lawbreakers Snapback Hat
I don’t really know about this game so I went to check it out, it’s still not released yet but you can sign up for Alpha here. I don’t really wear caps so I gave this to my brother, it looks cool though.


Destiny Shirt
Honestly I’m not a Destiny fan but I wouldn’t say no to any gaming shirt. The shirt shows the different classes of the game which are Hunter, Titan, and Warlock.

Overall, not exactly my favorite theme since I’m not exactly a sci-fi person but I love the items in this box. I love Jenson’s figure obviously more than the other items.


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