My Experience with Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout is one of the hair smoothing methods used lately in salons along with Keratin treatment but as much as they are similar there’re few differences. I’ve been dyeing my hair for quite some time now and I’ve bleached it couple of times so you would consider my hair to be in the damaged category and it showed by the hair ends. I haven’t researched about Brazilian Blowout before and the day I went to the salon to dye it is when my hairdresser told me about it. I thought why not try it I mean my hair is already damaged and I was considering Keratin treatment before so I told her to go ahead and do it.

She gave me a medical face mask and told me to close my eyes the whole time she’ll be working on my hair. I didn’t know really what was I expecting so this seemed a bit weird, later on I understood why. The first few minutes I kept my eyes open anyway and then as she applied the product on my hair, it started to burn my eyes and I felt that sharp burn in my throat. I remember sitting there for quite sometime and my throat was still burning, eyes were shut tight because they were getting teary. She was flat-ironing my hair for awhile till I think got dry with the product applied to it. Then she went ahead to shampoo it then used a conditioner, by that time it was getting late so she asked me to apply the masque when I’m at home and then use the serum after that.

I bought the set of products for after-care which were the shampoo, conditioner, masque and serum


By that time my hair looked pretty smooth and shiny, the damaged ends somehow disappeared but my hair seemed to have that sticky feeling from the product being sealed in the strand which annoyed me for probably two days. Anyway after returning home, I went ahead and applied the masque, kept it for 20 minutes then rinse it. My hair was really smooth and shiny, the damaged somehow disappeared and it returned healthy. I kept using the products till they were done and my hair stayed smooth and straight for about 3 months, and I didn’t need to iron or blow dry it to give it that smooth feeling.

I did the Brazilian Blowout back in February and my hair is still smooth and has quite a volume even though my hair fell out a lot after giving birth. It’s currently wavy but not as damaged as before, I dyed it recently ash blonde and it didn’t show the same damage as before. The hairdresser has been asking me to redo it so the smoothness remains but I think I’m going to do it once I feel my hair is getting damaged again, besides it was quite expensive honestly.

So that’s my experience with Brazilian Blowout to whoever is considering to try it out. Have you tried these hair smoothing methods before ?

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