Motherhood Achievement + Updates

Hey everyone

I’ve been sleeping a lot better lately, you know why ? I finally managed to make my son sleep through the night. I feel it’s like the greatest achievement of my entire life at the moment and I’m not even exaggerating.


Apparently he likes long warm baths at night before going to sleep, like me.

I went to Aramex office to get my packages that I’ve been putting off for almost a month now, I had to pay 72 OMR ($187.04) over all charges for them… Thanks a lot Aramex.


I found this cool subscription box called Video Games Monthly which sends you video games every month depending on your choice of console. Their plans vary in the amount of games you receive each month, I chose the 3-UP plan which gives you 3 games monthly for $29.99 and I chose Playstation, Playstation 2 and GameCube consoles.


I received 2 free games in my box and it made me so happy. I absolutely love older games so this is useful for me in discovering older games I never tried before and building my retro games collection.

Lastly I wanted to show off this awesome shirt I bought since I’m way too Pokemon than I thought. If you watch the Youtuber Philip Defranco he talked about this new shirt they are selling on Teespring and I really loved the writing on it and I instantly bought it, I don’t know if it’s still available but check this link if you are interested. I also bought this gorgeous wooden box from Winter Hill Crafts in Etsy, I just want to show off apparently.

Anyway I’ll be posting Glossybox unboxing and review for both July and August boxes by tomorrow, and OwlCrate the next day probably. Sorry for this random post, have a nice day.


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