6 Hours Into No Man’s Sky


Who’s guilty of not posting on this blog for awhile ? Totally me…

I’m sorry for not posting lately, honestly I was under the weather since I was in UAE few days ago and today I’m feeling much better. I recently started playing No Man’s Sky after giving in to the hype of this game even though I don’t like playing new games, I miss playing PC games actually.


The gameplay of No Man’s Sky is built on four pillars — exploration, survival, combat, and trading. Players are free to perform within the entirety of a procedurally generated deterministic open universe, which includes over 18 quintillion (1.8×1019) planets,many with their own sets of flora and fauna. By exploring, players gain information about the planets that they can submit to the Atlas, a universal database that can be shared with other players of the game. Players get compensated in in-game currency every time new information is uploaded to The Atlas. Players also gain materials and blueprints to upgrade their character’s equipment and purchase a variety of starships, allowing them to travel deeper into the center of the galaxy, survive on planets with hostile environments, interact in friendly or hostile manners with computer-controlled space-faring factions, or trade with other ships. Some activities, such as killing too many lifeforms or draining too many resources from planets, will draw the attention of patrolling robotic Sentinels that will attempt to kill the player character.

I’ve been playing it at night after my son sleeps so I can game without interruptions, as the the title implies I’m 6 hours into it and I’m honestly liking it. It’s quite surprising but I’m seriously invested in it. It reminds me of Subnautica in resource management and crafting but adding to that a massive universe, I can assume it would take time for the player to be bored as the game would keep generating new planets to discover.

The frustrating part of this game would be the constant “not enough space” issue because crafting items, new technology and collecting valuable items takes slot spaces in the Exosuit and the ship as well so I was hoping that installing new technology would have their own slot spaces instead of all messed up together. Other than that I absolutely love the thrill of discovering the unknown even though I hate mining for materials, I didn’t rename anything yet but I will in my next session.

Have you been playing this game recently ? What are your thoughts on it ?

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