Trip to UAE

Hey everyone

I’ve been away for couple of days because I went to UAE with my husband and son for shopping and spend more time as a family.


I live in Oman which is right next to UAE, it’s about 4-5 hours drive. We go there quite frequently because their malls offer more selection than my own country, sounds bad but it’s true. We stayed in Shangri-La Hotel, it was ok but Kempinski Hotel will always be my favorite.


Excuse the messed up photo, my son was too happy to see his face on the mirror. I wore this outfit on Tuesday.

Shirt from Dresslink
Mini skirt from Dreslink
Jeans from H&M
Long cardigan from Promod


Me and my husband love chocolate, we always go to Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar but this time he told me we should try Godiva. I absolutely loved their Mocha and obviously stole few scoops from my husband’s ice cream.


My son was super excited because we rarely go out together as family so this felt nice to spend more time like this. We went to Dubai Mall and Mall of The Emirate while the last day we spent it in Dubai Festival City.


These cute sandals stayed on for an hour before he found out he could kick them off easily.

I found this cute tragus earring and phone cover from I am, of course you can never have enough makeup sponges so I bought this cute blue and pink sponge from Forever 21. I bought few outfits as well which I’m not going to show in this post since I’ll be wearing them when I travel on October hopefully and will post about it when I do.


Since my son is almost 8 months old, his crib was getting less roomy for him to roll and move his hands while sleeping so we decided it’s time for the bigger bed. It arrived this morning while we were still in UAE, I chose it because it had the side cupboards which is quite useful in keeping the baby stuff tidy.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this fast trip blog and thank you.

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