I Am a College Dropout

IMG_1121I am a college dropout.

This title would usually mean that the person is lazy, a failure, too stupid to learn anything, can’t commit basically a stigma.

I registered in an IT college called Middle East College and I was enrolled in Software Technologies major back in 2007. I passed the placement exam which decides if you start in foundation classes or directly to major modules, it was general IT questions and English related exam. And so my journey through college life began on a happy note, I was enjoying it. I loved spending time there, meeting new friends, trying to cram for exams while finishing assignments on the deadline day like any college student.

Later on, friends whom I hang out with who are considered the uptight individuals hated the other friends I had who included some guys, those uptight ones consider a girl being in a group of friends that has guys is seriously wrong and will somehow ruin your reputation. It reached to the point where they would talk about me just because they saw me helping a male classmate in something related to class, I don’t understand the logic of why it’s considered wrong. Dealing with this on the side as I realized how girls can be so fake and will try to destroy you by any means for something they were taught by their families to be wrong. There’s a huge difference between culture and religion, for some reason our society follows those cultural rules as if they are related to our religion when it’s not.

Anyway, that drama went on and masks began to fall. I knew who was real and who was fake and I began to isolate myself slowly through my last semesters at this college. That’s when depression started taking over me, I started getting Fs’ and these “friends” were mocking me that they’ll graduate soon while I’ll stay stuck in college. Everyday was getting stressful, assignments and programming were becoming my life and my hair started falling. I felt like a failure and I was wasting my father’s money, I’ll never pass these last five modules and graduate like everyone. Part of me was hurt that I’ll make my parents disappointed but the other part wanted to be selfish and think for myself, I wasn’t happy so I needed to get out from that toxic aura.

So I dropped-out of college when I had only five modules left to graduate and received  only a diploma as others started saying that I’ll never get a job with a degree as mine. The “friends” I knew all graduated with a better degree than me and flaunted their victory everywhere but I wasn’t that green with envy, I just wanted to be happy. Same year I dropped out, I took an exam for a job and there were almost 30 applicants for this job. I was probably the only one with that ‘low’ degree so according to them my chances weren’t that high. I got the highest mark on that test and got the job, I became an IT engineer at the Public Authority for Radio and TV which is basically the official radio and tv station of my country.

While I can hear the silent whispers of how I got this job fairly, they weren’t too happy that someone with lower grades got it but I didn’t care. Grades don’t identify how smart or stupid the person is, to each has their own abilities in achieving what they want. Doesn’t matter if you are a straight A student or a complete failure, these grades won’t help you in life. I don’t regret leaving college even though I know I can pass the remaining modules and it’ll increase my salary but I’m happy now and satisfied how my life turned out.

12 thoughts on “I Am a College Dropout

  1. I’m currently waiting for my AS results as a 17 year old student in the UK. I think there’s a tremendous amount of pressure to achieve good grades, which goes to the detriment of individual expression and interest in our subjects.

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  2. From reading this post, there must be a correlation between video games and depression. I knew many people who don’t finish school because they are bored, or their depression got worse. I also know some people who finish school, but are actually dumb. Intelligence has nothing to do with holding a diploma, it’s how you use it in real life and how you overcome obstacles. Anyway, cool that you are satisfied with life 🙂

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