Most Beautiful Lipstick Ever ?


So I came across this unique looking lipstick on social media, it’s clear with gold flakes and a cute small flower in the middle. Basically looks like the enchanted rose from Beauty and The Beast and everyone is in love with these lipsticks.

It’s created by a Chinese brand called Kailijumei, it’s jelly based I guess and gives a pink tint. They are like those lipsticks we had when we were younger that changes color based on your mood (Temperature).

One of my favorite YouTubers Dina Tokio who’s also a blogger, recently posted a video about it on her channel

I checked the website and they are selling really fast, it’s $30 for these flower with gold specks ones and $15 for the new summer collection


I’ve tried mood lipsticks before and they aren’t that bad to be honest, but these lipsticks got a major selling point which is the appearance. I’m not sure if ‘cute’ is what I would spend my money on even though I’m already known that I love wasting money on things I know I wouldn’t use. Is it worth buying ? Let me know what do you think about this, I’ll probably cave in and buy one or two for the sake of trying them out.

14 thoughts on “Most Beautiful Lipstick Ever ?

    • yeah i thought of that, seems like the names are just to differentiate the flower color I guess and maybe the lipstick color changes depending on your mood/temperature. They do look pretty to look it maybe that’s why they sell it at that price. I’m thinking of ordering them but at the same time I’m not really into that shade of pink to be honest.


  1. *Tries so hard to like them* … *Fails* Oh well! I can still appreciate them, haha. I personally wouldn’t spend $30 on these, especially if I end up with a colour that I don’t like. If you’re getting one of them then I hope it’ll be worth the money!

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