10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Hey Everyone

I never realized how hard it is to choose 10 things I can’t live without till I decided to write this post. I’m pretty sure I’m making plenty of bad choices when I chose these and I’ll read someone’s else post, and totally regret it but I’m going to post this anyway hoping someone would agree with me.

  1. My Laptop
    I honestly can’t live without my laptop, it has literally my life from my old embarrassing fanfictions (Don’t ask me about this and pretend you didn’t read this part), my games, my music and pictures.

  2. Sushi
    I absolutely LOVE sushi, I could eat it everyday and I won’t get bored from it.

  3. Music
    I can’t live without music, I’ve been known to have my headphones plastered to my ears 24/7 but since I became a mother I got to keep my ears free so I could hear my son when he naps, so bluetooth speakers are my current best friend.

  4. Mocha
    I’ve always been a tea person until recently I got addicted to mocha that I can’t survive a day without having at least one cup, I’ll suffer from massive headache if a day passed and I didn’t drink it.

  5. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
    kat_von_d_tattoo_liner02I’ll probably never go out from the house if I couldn’t find this eyeliner, or I’ll be in a bad mood the whole day. It’s my all time favorite eyeliner.

  6. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Cannes)
    I always go for this lip cream for my everyday look. I couldn’t find a matte lip cream as this one, dries fast and shows a beautiful nude color.

  7. My Credit Card
    I’m a shopaholic so obviously I can’t live without my credit card, if I’m not out shopping I’ll be shopping online because I’m too pretty for wasting time finding a parking space (It was funny in my head, sorry)

  8. Internet
    Hate to admit it but I can’t live without the internet for various reasons, because of my work environment as I work in the IT department so my work would be wired to the internet, also for my personal reasons obviously for using messaging apps, social media and reading.

  9. My Phone
    Like the internet, I can’t live without my phone. I receive emails, I take pictures, post on social media, play games, connect with family and friends, and so on. I don’t think anyone in this century can live without a phone, generally speaking.

  10. Videogames
    I’ve been a gamer since atari days, of course I can’t live without videogames it doesn’t need an explanation.

I’m interested in knowing your top 10 things you can’t live without so please comment your posts link if you did, would love to read your lists.

5 thoughts on “10 Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. Definetly cannot live without my laptop. That’s the ins and outs of the world as we know it. Internet, term papers, gaming, and social media. Got to have all of those.

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