Loot Gaming – July 2016 Unboxing


Hey everyone

I finally gave in after seeing most of my favorite YouTubers -not PewDiePie- getting sponsored by Loot Crate and I decided why not try Loot Gaming since I’m into gaming more than generic geek things from movies or games.

Loot Gaming, 4-6 Items from the Biggest and Best Gaming Universes,  $60+ in Retail Value, Licensed & Exclusive Collectibles and Gear

It’s priced a little bit more than Loot Crate as it goes $24.95/ MONTH and it has 3, 6 and 12 months plan as well. This post isn’t sponsored, all opinions stated are mine.

The theme of this month was Stranded so it featured more a survival type of items I guess, the first item would be Tomb Raider Lara Croft collectible figure and it’s so cute. Apparently it’s an exclusive item with a label declaring 20 years of an Icon -omg I feel so old now-

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Flask, also an exclusive. It’s black in leather material with Black Flag logo on it. I’ll probably use it just to freak out my mother that I’m drinking something I shouldn’t be drinking, that would be hilarious. But other than that it seems pretty cool as a figure on it’s own to be put on a shelf.


I wasn’t expecting this freakin’ large towel of Dead Island Banoi Resort and let me just say it’s actually a thick type of towel. It’s quite large to be honest, it has blood stains and a bloody hand print as well. Since I dye my hair quite a lot, this would be useful if I decided to go red again.


The last item is a Far Cry Primal T-shirt and I absolutely love it. I normally buy game related shirts from Geekay Games but it’s normally for men so it would look quite huge on me. I like that it goes for my shape at least compared the ones I buy from Geekay for same price as the actual box.

Overall, obviously I love everything in this box and I would totally continue my subscription with this box.

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