Smooth Away Hair Removal. Does it Work ?


If you are fed up from waxing pains and razor burns, and can’t afford to get laser hair removal you would normally search for easier ways to remove unwanted hair. We always tend to search for less painful ways to remove hair which is nearly impossible as I tried most of them and I can say for sure, you’ll either use a painless methods that will last only a week or two days and give you ingrown hair and burns or you’ll go for painful methods which usually are expensive and obviously painful. I came across this product ‘Smooth Away‘ from a YouTuber referring it as a sandpaper thing that somehow removes hair and I got interested, and I started searching about it. If you see reviews of this product, it’s either no or a yes and I decided why not just try it.

So basically this product claims:

Removes hair instantly & pain free. Gently exfoliate while removing hair Safe for upper lip, sensitive areas and anywhere you need to remove hair No Razor Burn, No Chemicals, No Pain! Safe, & Painless Hair Removal

I mean it is too good to be true, right ? I ordered it anyway and decided to give it ago and here’s my experience with Smooth Away. There’s a grip plastic item which you stick a pad on it, the pad is like a sandpaper and there’re two sizes for that. The bigger one for larger area like your legs and smaller one for face or smaller areas. Basically you use this plastic piece in a circular motion three times clockwise then vice versa and so on, it removes hair and also exfoliate the skin. First time I tried it was on my face, I normally use threading method to remove my facial hair. Did it work ? Yes and it made my skin soft but, not all faces would have the same results. My mother used it and it gave her skin a bumpy dry feeling and it somewhat burns her.

I used the larger piece for my legs, it worked well but it takes a long time to do it. I normally watch a movie or something while I use this. Now some ladies say the hair grows finer than before but in my case it wasn’t as coarse as the razor usually leaves but it did grow back in like a week later. I’ve been using this product for almost a year and I honestly like it because it does keep my skin soft if I don’t feel like shaving or too lazy to go for my waxing sessions. I wouldn’t recommend using it in sensitive areas or underarms because it doesn’t removes hair that fast and it burns when you use it in the same area for a long time.

The verdict, it doesn’t work with everyone and it takes long time to do. I leave the decision for you. Have you tried these pads before ? If yes, how was your experience ?

*This post isn’t sponsored

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