CNDirect First Impression



Online shopping is my favorite bad habit, I love finding new things not available in my country and just brag about it. I recently tried shopping from Dresslink and posted a review about it, so I decided to check other websites that offer cheaper clothes just like it and I found CNDirect.

First look on the website shows that they offer almost same as Dresslink but I noticed they got more categories like men clothing, home & garden, and automobile things as well. They have more options than Dresslink with almost same price range so I chose few items to try out this website. This post isn’t sponsored, I bought all this items on my own.SV029050-3-cndirect

Lady Fashion Women Long Sleeve O Neck Loose Lace Trim Solid Casual Sexy Mini Shift Dress

I got this top because I thought it would look cute with leggings and I loved the color. The top came out exactly as the image but the color was slightly darker, I wasn’t bothered by that I still liked it. I got it in size L because asian sizes makes me feel insecure about my body.
Price: US$ 6.48

Rate: 5/5 



Green Women’s Loose Batwing Top Dolman Multi color Stripe Strand Vest Tops Blouses

This top came in two pieces, a tank top and a chiffon sheer top. The tank top was tight but it’s stretchable, the chiffon top wasn’t exactly the best material I came across. It looked cheap if I’m gonna be honest but I wasn’t keeping my hopes high because the whole website sells cheap clothes so I expected that. I can say it looks nice to take pictures with because from further angle it doesn’t show the material.
Price: US$ 4.78

Rate: 3/5


Drawstring Bag Shoulder Messenger Bag Women Handbag Chain Bag Diagonal Package Canvas Totes

The last item I got was this super cute bag which I’m gonna say my favorite item from this haul. I love this type of bags so I instantly chose it and it came out exactly as the picture. The outside of this bag looks great and colorful but the inside had a cheap looking material. I haven’t tried the straps on it yet to check how durable they are, will update this section once I do.
Price: US$ 3.99

Rate: 5/5

I made the order on 09/06/2016
Received on HK aramex account on 11/06/2016

FedEx delivered the package on the date I mentioned but didn’t mention the account number for my aramex account so the package sat there for quite sometime till I messaged both CNDirect and Aramex about it. The package was later sorted out on 02/07/2016 which annoyed me because they took this long time to get it right.

The total price of these three items: US$ 15.89
I chose (Expedited Shipping without tracking number) by accident but I got a tracking number either way: US$ 6.49
Shipping Insurance US$ 1.12
Total: US$ 23.50

Overall, despite the whole delay that happened I liked the items I bought from this website. I’m still reluctant about buying from it again but I might because the website has more items than Dresslink.

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