Losing Baby Weight With Pokemon GO

I’ve disappeared from posting for few days and I got the perfect explanation for that and you obviously know it, Pokemon GO. I bet you are already dreading seeing this post and be like ‘oh god please stop’ I can’t promise you that I’ll stop talking about it but I will try to make it less and post more of other topics.

I have been obsessed over Pokemon GO since the day it got released as I posted about it before. I’m currently Level 10 and took over plenty of gyms which later on got kicked by the Valor team -seriously why did everyone in my country go for that team- in case you didn’t know, I joined the Mystic team.

The concept of making you walk around searching for Pokemons is quite creative but in a country like mine in the middle east, not so much. Because the temperature actually reaches 48c sometimes so we rather look for Pokemons in our cars with the ac blasting on our faces like it’s a music video. Being a recent mother, I search for ways to stay active to lose my baby weight so this app was quite helpful for me because it’s making me walk more. For instance, walking to hatch eggs.


Because of this mechanism, I started parking my car slightly further than where I usually park when I reach work just so I can walk more. I took my son with me in his pram to walk around Al Mouj area while catching Pokemons and it’s quite rare for me to go out with him like this because me and my husband aren’t comfortable -ready as some would say- to take him out like this and walk around as a family.

I think this game is a great way to combine fitness and Pokemon obsession together, that’s why I’m really into it I guess. I was quite surprised that alot of people from my country are also into this game that they created a twitter account to gather us as a community which made me so excited to interact with others who share my interests as well.


I apologize if this whole Pokemon trend is getting redundant and overused lately but I really wanted to share my opinion about this and hopefully some of you will agree with me. Here are some pictures I managed to take while catching Pokemons.





Which Pokemons you caught so far ? and which team you chose to join ?


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