Trying Out Pokémon Go

I’ve been waiting for this game for quite sometime now and I was so excited to try it out. Last night I received a tweet from a friend that it was released in Australia and New Zealand, of course me being so impatient got it anyway. In my defense I wasn’t the only one and I was mind blown the hype of this game.

My starter Pokemon was


Who appeared in the dinning room at my family house.

Then I’ve been running through walls while trying to catch more pokemons around the house.


The game is super fun even though it’s a bit glitchy at times and the servers were down couple of times now. I saw few tweets of people finding others walking around the neighborhood trying to find pokemons as well so I guess the game serves the purpose of connecting with others in real life. Have you tried the game yet ? What Pokemons you caught so far ?


23 thoughts on “Trying Out Pokémon Go”

      1. It’s not officially released over here yet so I have no idea what teams are most present. I’ll probably hit level 5 tomorrow and I can get involved in the gyms!


      2. Same with my country as well but everyone is already playing it. We can’t walk for long in my country as the temperature basically reaches 48c, not joking it’s seriously hot here so we drive around to get to Pokemons and gyms


      3. It’s all grass type around here. My tracker showed a Meowth and a Starmi, but I think they would have been along the canal that I couldn’t get to. Another day and I’ll get them!


      4. Here i would say normal and poison, rattata and ekans are quite common .. I’m on the hunt of Vulpix, he’s my favorite


      5. Some fellow trainers said somewhere a bit far from my current location, i might go there on the weekend. Some mentioned Dragonite showing up as well 😶

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