Gamer Girl Monthly – June 2016 Unboxing


I found out about this subscription box from the lovely  awkwardkingmissa’s post and I instantly went to subscribe.

Gamer Girl Monthly is a monthly subscription club for gamers! If you’re a proud gamer fan, this is for you! Every month has a different theme, and we pick beautiful jewelry and collectibles to send out.

I usually spend hours trying to find game related jewelry online so this subscription box was just perfect for me to try out. All the opinions posted are mine and I’m not sponsored to review this.


The theme for June was Anniversary as the they completed one year of their service.

A cute lego pin with the theme of month written on it, Lego block necklace and Tetris scarf. I love the necklace, it looks pretty cute if you’re into small pieces of necklaces as I do. The scarf is pretty soft and it’s long enough to be worn as a hijab for us muslims which I’m slightly considering.

Dragonclaw hook earrings from DOTA 2, I never actually played it but this looks pretty cool to wear. Resident Evil Umbrella Corp. ring which I’m sooooooooooooo in love with. I mean I could seriously wear it instead of my wedding ring.

Overall, I love the items in this box and of course mostly the ring -in case you didn’t know- and I would totally recommend this subscription box to my fellow gamer girls. Next month theme would be Villains which I’m super excited about because OwlCrate almost has the same theme with Good Vs Evil boxes sent at random so if I didn’t get the evil box from OwlCrate, I’ll surely get it from Gamer Girl Monthly.

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