Most Memorable Videogames Music

Music makes up a huge part in video games, it gives the game an identity and a flow of what is the genre of the game. if you are anything like me I focus on music played in the background of the game I’m playing because I feel it sets the mood and environment as well. So here’s the list of games I think that has most memorable music in my opinion.

  • Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Everyone knows the theme of Super Mario Bros. and I’m pretty sure those who were born in the 2000s won’t know it but I could be wrong.

  • Heavy Rain (2010)

If I had to choose which of Heavy Rain music that I can’t forget after playing it, I would choose Painful Memories.

  • Undertale (2015)
Video content description.

I couldn’t choose between these two to be honest, both of them are my favorite tracks from Undertale. I know part of me was fed up from the Megalovania track since I tried the genocide route but it got locked in my head for months.

  • Kingdom Hearts II (2005)

Dearly Beloved is the main theme song in all Kingdom Hearts series but in my opinion the version played in Kingdom Hearts II was most memorable one.

  • Devil May Cry 4 (2008)

This was a hard choice for me because I love every track in Devil May Cry series, they are just too good. I chose this track because I remember choosing it as my ringtone throughout three phones I had, I was just too obsessed with this track apparently.

  • Rule of Rose (2006)

This game made me hate children, everything in this game creeps me out. I chose this track because -well- every time I hear a violin somewhere I instantly remember this track.

  • Legend of Mana (1999)

I refuse to get over this game. This game is my all-time favorite and I could go on forever about it but I’ll just spare you by saying this track is the most memorable one from this game. There’re more of course but I’ll just stay quite now.

So these are the most memorable music I can currently think of, I wanted to choose more though. I’ll probably write a part two for this post. I’d love to know what do you think, what’s your choice of most memorable music from video games ?

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6 thoughts on “Most Memorable Videogames Music

  1. My most memorable music is the songs from Syberia and Syberia 2, and from The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time.. I think they’re going to be stuck with me forever. I loved the music in undertale though!


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