I Wish …


I wish motherhood wasn’t this stressful .. Tiring mentally and physically.

I wish I didn’t say I hate kids when I was younger because being a mother was a blessing for me and changed every side of me.

I wish I would stop feeling stressed whenever you are away from me even though I know you are in good hands.

I wish I would stop panicking when I see you sleeping and I have to make sure you are still breathing.

I wish your pain becomes mine because I can’t bear seeing you cry.

I wish I could stop crying whenever I see you in pain and I stay helpless just holding you.

I wish I could repeat the moment when I gave birth and held you in my arms for the first time.

I wish you keep smiling at me like this everyday when I return from work and hug you.

I wish I would stop over-thinking about your safety.

I wish you would stop growing up so fast because I’m getting overwhelmed by your milestones every month.

I wish I could sleep and hold you next to me not on your crib when you cry and need me.

I wish you keep feeling the joy of splashing me every time I give you a bath.

I wish you keep laughing whenever me and your father do a silly face for you.

I wish I could quit work just to be with you everyday.

I wish you keep needing me even for a hug when you are older.

I wish I can be confident enough to know your needs instead of listening to others.

I wish you would know how much I love you from the moment I knew I was pregnant. 

I wish motherhood wasn’t this stressful … I love you son

7 thoughts on “I Wish …

  1. This might sound weird but this piece brought me to tears. I pray that you always give him the love and care that he deserves and I pray that he will always return the same. Take care of yourself.💙

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