What is The Internet Angry About Today ?

As the title implies this is basically my thought every time I open YouTube or read articles on the app Flipboard. Recently everything seem to offend people in a way and some would abuse the word “Triggered”.

Some things I would agree on and some -well it’s just too absurd to actually care about. One of the things the internet likes to be offended about would be something happening in another country like it was targeted personally to them. For example when Saudi Arabia decided to execute any gay citizen who show their sexuality in public and online, I personally don’t agree with things that country has laws about like women are not allowed to drive and all but I wouldn’t be offended and rage over it on social media. If you are angry and offended about something, you would do something about it not just tweet for a day then forget about it the next day.

Some people would be offended on the most ridiculous reasons which I’m not even gonna bother getting into because someone will pop up and say he/she is offended somehow. There were words we used to say awhile back but now we are too scared that someone will get offended by it.

When someone says his opinion it’ll go in two ways either he’ll say something to follow a mainstream objection about something or will get bashed by others for not agreeing with a statement they made, this would go as a part two of my previous postΒ that whenever you’ll say an opinion you’ll get attacked by some extremists who disagree because in a virtual reality as the internet they can.

Regarding what I mentioned earlier about LGBT community, I remember reading an article about Nike dropping a boxer because he said his opinion about gays, he said what he was thinking and it came out wrong but he did apologize, though he still kept his belief that this is what he thinks and he’s not supporting LGBT rights. That’s his belief and no one can force him to change it whether you agree or not. Some might say I’m only saying this because I’m Muslim but no it’s not about religion in fact I have a gay friend who decided to keep his sexuality hidden because people in Arab community don’t accept this.

This basically what happens when you say an unpopular opinion on the internet, they’ll get too sensitive and trigger this mob mentality and just attack whoever against them but in the end you can’t force someone to change their opinion regardless of his/her race, religion, sexual orientation or even gender.

I’d like to know what your opinion about this.


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