Confessions of a Shopaholic

Bella La Rose

The main reason I thought of writing this post is that I need to make sure that I’m not the only person who makes several bad decisions in one minute. My personal definition of being a shopaholic is that: The ability to spend your money thinking you have an unlimited credit card, getting stuff you know you won’t use and then convincing yourself you needed this shopping therapy.

Whatever emotions I go through, in my head I’m gonna say I need a shopping therapy and I’ll say to myself ‘I deserve to be happy and this makes me happy’ just because I don’t want to feel guilty later. I wish I choose cheaper options but for some reason I always go for expensive things and I would lie to myself by saying ‘Well I got an expensive taste’. 

I want to confess that I even have dresses and tops that still has their price tags because I didn’t wear them yet, and whenever I want to change what I’m wearing I feel they stare at me judging me because I said in the shop it looks cute but tight maybe I’ll get to wear it when I’m thinner. Some days I would be too lazy to go out and dread the thought of finding a parking space so I instantly go online shopping, for each time I pay my phone would receive a message from the bank of how much I spent and there are days where my phone blows up with message that I feel it’ll grow hands and slap me so I would stop.

Since I recently became a mother, I told myself I would control this obsession of mine because baby stuff isn’t cheap. For each month, I transfer part of my salary to a saving account and put a budget for my personal shopping which only lasted for 2 weeks but at least I’m doing something about it. Hopefully I’ll have a full control of this in the near future.

Are you a shopaholic like me ?

8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Shopaholic

  1. We are like that. I know the struggle. Sometime I feel like my credit card is crying “stop swiping me”. The only solution is to avoid temptation at all costs. Don’t look at catalogues, dont subscribe to websites or instagram where everyone is promoting something. Also this one may sound weird but start giving away your stuff that u don’t use and that will teach you how worthless “stuff” really is and you ll build more resistance. Also tel your mind that “I ll buy it next time” if you see something that you like.

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